Editor’s Introduction

I can think of no greater privilege than to bring to light the incredible works of a great American mystic, Neville Goddard, a prolific author, teacher and a true man of God. Over his forty years of teaching he left behind a legacy of printed material that rivals most metaphysical authors.

It would be impossible to over-estimate the spiritual value of the teachings he left behind. He not only published ten books, which are now available in one complete volume, “Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader”, but he left us over three hundred and fifty printed lectures during his lifetime.

It is the purpose of “The Neville Goddard Project” to bring to print all the works of this incredible American mystic, of whom another metaphysical giant, Dr. Joseph Murphy, wrote, “Neville Goddard may come to be known as the greatest American mystic of our generation.”

A great portion of these lectures are not dated, so we have chosen to begin by alphabetical order based on the documents that we currently have in our archive. When complete, this series of lectures, in addition to The Complete Reader, will comprise the largest and most complete collection of Neville Goddard works available in print.

We will be assembling and editing twenty-five lectures per volume and when complete, the set will include twelve to fifteen volumes, which will be appended as new lectures are located and edited. The 12 volume set below comprises 95% of the lecture material available.

I would like to thank Rachel Claxton for her meticulous manuscript preparation which was of invaluable help in making this series possible.

Barry J. Peterson
The Neville Goddard Project

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Neville Goddard Bio:

Joseph Murphy, a writer and lecturer who studied with Neville in New York City, said of him, “Neville eventually may be recognized as one of the worlds great mystics”. Born on the island of Barbados in the British West Indies Neville was the fourth child in a family of nine boys and one girl.

One day some of them were playing near an old wind swept hut by the sea. A seer lived in a hut and told them their fortunes. The elder sons would go into the professions, into medicine, and to business. These predictions came true. Today, the Goddard family is one of the most prominent and influential families in Barbados and the surrounding islands.

Do not touch the fourth one, the seer said pointing to Neville, he has a special mission to perform in the world from God. And she said to Neville, you will journey to a distant land and spend your life there.

This prediction also came true. As a young man he went to America and work for JCPenney and Macy’s. Later, he worked in the theater with the Schuberts. Under unusual circumstance, he met a black Jew, named Abdullah, who lectured on Christianity. Neville went to hear him, somewhat under protest to satisfy the constant urging of a friend, whose judgment I did not respect, Neville said because he made such a poor financial investments.

Neville said, I was seated in the auditorium waiting for the lecture to began, when the speaker who I’d never seen before came down the aisle from the rear of the auditorium to the stage. “You are late, Neville!” Abdullah admonished, “Six months late!” I have been told to expect you. From this introduction, Neville studied with Abdullah seven days a week for seven years.

Abdullah taught me Hebrew, he taught me the Kabbalah, and he taught me more about real Christianity than anyone I’ve ever met, Neville later declared.

Neville traveled throughout the United States appearing on the stage and on television, finally settling in Los Angeles which he made his base of operation. In the 1960’s and the early 70’s he confined most of his lectures to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

Neville contended that our Judeo Christian Bible’s importance is not in its historicity but in its vision of the journey of the soul, a document blueprinting the experience of every man, culminating in the discovery by each of us that we are the Christ. He was adamant in his insistence that The Book is not secular history. Each of us is destined to discover that he is the Father, GOD himself, and the Bible as originally written was the collection of the testimonials of those who, in ancient times had made this discovery. These unknown New Testament authors wrote their accounts in the third person, not in the first, knowing the reader eventually would come to realize it from cover to cover, the book is all about himself.

This discovery Neville called God’s Promise there is nothing any person can do to earn it. It is sheer grace and comes to you in its own good time. If you’re not experienced before you die, then what?

“You pass through a door-that’s all that death is” Neville said and you are restored to life instantly in a world like this just this world he was fond of saying with a sweep of his hand, and you go on there with the same problems you had here with no loss of identity not old, not blind, not crippled, if you depart this life that way, but young. They grow and they marry and they die there, too, with all the fear of death that we have here. If they die there without experiencing the promise, they are restored to life again and again in a place best suited to the work yet to be done on them. It continues until Christ be formed in you and as the sons of the resurrection you leave this world of death never to enter it again.

You are born only once through the womb of woman, once from above, Neville insisted, you don’t go through any woman again. What about the fear many have hell and damnation? In response to this often asked question, Neville replied with a quote from Scripture, not one shall be lost in all my holy mountain. You and God are one and how could God eternally condemn himself?

Until we awaken individually and make this discovery we are privileged to use a law, given by God, to cushion the blows of life. The law, states essentially, and this in Neville’s own words and “Imagining creates reality”. In his lectures and books, Neville dealt solely with the law until the year 1959, he did not know of the promise until that summer and continuing through the next 3 1/2 years. This is scriptural, he would say, read it in the book of Daniel words referred to as a time times and a half. A year in the ancient calendar was 360 days long. A time then, plus twice a time and a half time, comes to 1260 days in your experience of it. It is referred to yet again, more enigmatically in the book of Revelation.

In his use of the law, Neville related how he made a sea voyage from New York to see his family in Barbados during the depression years, without any money of his own. He also related how by the use of a magical power he was honorably discharged from military service to continue his lectures during World War II. In San Francisco in the 50s and 60s he gave his audience’s account of how others have made use of the law. He discussed on television in Los Angeles. Learn how to use your imaginal power, lovingly, for man is moving into a world where everything is subject to his imaginal power, Neville taught.

In the latter part of the 1960s and early 70s Neville emphasized the promise after he experienced it. The use of imaginal power can change circumstance but it is all temporary, and will vanish like smoke, he asserted, with another sweep of his hand. Oh, you can use it to make a fortune, to become known in the world all these things are done but your true purpose here is to fulfill scripture. So he subordinated the law to the promise and he became eager to hear accounts from those who experience the promise as he had of those with the law.

In his last year’s Neville said, I know my time is short. I have finished the work I have been sent here to do. I am now eager to depart. I know I will not appear in this three-dimensional world again for the promise has been fulfilled in me. As for where I go? I will know you there as I have known you hear for we are all brothers, infinitely in love with each other.

Neville spoke without notes and he followed his lectures with questions from the audience when asked if he had tapes of his lectures for sale he responded, I have no tapes. Others here making tapes for their own use. Perfectly alright but I have none.Thanks to the loyalty of his students, Neville’s voice and thoughts have been preserved for posterity. He left our earth plane on October 1st, 1972

We are extremely fortunate in the fact that Neville left such an incredible printed legacy behind for truth seekers, He wrote 10 books, listed below, and are available to read for free, just click the links and kick back for some incredible Neville.

At Your Command
Awakened Imagination & The Search
Feeling is the Secret
Freedom For All
Out Of This World
Prayer, The Art of Believing
Seedtime & Harvest
The Law and The Promise
The Power of Awareness
Your Faith Is Your Fortune

The complete set of Neville’s 10 books are now available as “Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader” you can view here.


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We also have 129 audio lectures in his own voice from the 50’s-70’s, audio quality varies with age of the tape. And over 345 printed lectures left behind. It is truly a gold mine for those that love and wish to study Neville. The material is enough to keep a student busy for a lifetime. The lecture series can be found in PDF form on the internet, and the entire set, has been printed in paperback 12 volume set above for those that want to add a rich resource to their metaphysical library. The 129 MP3 files in his voice can be purchased here for $24.95 for the set.
You can also listen free to the lecture series above, and all his books are online to read for free. Click on the book title links above.